Offshore wind energy is the fastest-growing branch in the increasingly competitive field of energy –technology is evolving, costs decreasing.

Wind farms bring direct economic benefitsto the places where they are located – investments, support to local communities, ports.

Estonian offshore wind farms are planned for the deep open seaand thus are less disturbing for people – far from homes, away from people.

Co-operation and co-operation – aquaculture (or blue economy) and wind energy, i.e., wind turbines, fish, shellfish, and algae farms, can be established.

There are no offshore wind farms in Estonia today, and the first project was launchedin 2006.

All offshore wind farms requested by Estonian developers today would provide a total production capacity of12,908 MW.

In 2019, 502offshore wind turbines were installed in Europe in ten offshore wind farms.

The Baltic Sea size and the wind conditions have the potentialto build a total of 83GWof wind farms.