The wind turbines for the Enefit Wind Purtse wind farm will be supplied by the Danish manufacturer Vestas.

Representatives of Enefit Green’s subsidiary Enefit Wind Purtse and Vestas Northern Europe entered into a contract for the supply and maintenance of wind turbines in Luganuse rural municipality on Monday, Feb. 21. According to the agreement signed, the erection of the wind turbines will begin early next year, Enefit Green said.

The volume of the contract is approximately 20 million euros, making up the majority of the investment required for the construction of the wind farm.

Five wind turbines will be erected in Purtse wind farm, each with a capacity of 4.2 megawatts. The farm’s estimated annual output will be over 46 gigawatt-hours.

According to Aavo Karmas, chairman of the supervisory board of Enefit Wind Putse, the signing of the contract is an important step in moving forward with the construction of the farm.

“Purtse wind farm will be the first large wind farm to be built in Estonia over many years, and it confirms that new renewable energy capacities can be built quickly. The most powerful and modern wind turbines in Estonia will start generating electricity in Purtse, and a reliable partner in their installation ensures that the farm is completed on time and provides important environmentally friendly energy for Estonia throughout its life,” Karmas said.

Marja-Liisa Veiser, rural municipality mayor of Luganuse, said that East-Viru County has become a favorite place for wind farm developers and an area where the green revolution is becoming a reality.

“We are located in a wind corridor where great wind conditions provide good productivity, which is why developers are very interested in the area. The production of wind energy is undoubtedly more environmentally friendly and cheaper than a fossil-based industry, and given the current rising electricity prices and the acute political situation, it is very important for Estonia to increase its self-sufficiency and energy independence,” she said.

Enefit Green acquired the development project for Purtse wind farm from Raunistal in March 2021 and made the final investment decision to start construction in January this year.

Enefit Green has three wind farms with a total capacity of 190 megawatts under construction — two in Lithuania and one in Finland. The total volume of these investments is nearly 228 million euros.